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Now we need to look at Saturn, the rising planet in this chart. Saturn is in Aries, and in that sign Saturn is in fall, but also has dignity by triplicity.

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We already talked about a triplicity planet as being a recognized member of a team. A planet in fall is one that is not respected, not given credit, not listened to. Repeatedly, she would go and build up a particular organization or form of service. When it became big and successful enough, the powers that be took the organization away from her and gave it to a man or community of men, often at much higher pay.

That is a good example of Saturn in fall — not being given credit, not being respected, not being listened to. So the pattern is, Clara Barton goes in and does some really powerful work — building up a community school, or a field hospital — Mars in triplicity in 6th mutual reception by term with Venus in 12th — and then it is taken away from her and given to a man, without her being given a voice or given credit — Saturn in fall in the first. However, there is another possible side to a planet in fall. A planet in fall can also express as a person who becomes an advocate or spokesperson for a community in fall, a group of people who are not respected or listened to, not given the dignity they deserve.

Along the same lines, notice that Saturn is trine to Mercury in Aquarius in the 9th house — travel and teaching. Mercury is in detriment but has dignity by triplicity and term. I could go much further, but I think you get the idea of how much detailed meaning you can get by really looking at the full system of essential dignities.

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If use of the dignities like this is interesting to you, please consider checking out my Essential Dignities class offered through Kepler College later this summer. Both Mars and Saturn have third triplicity. You correctly point out the mutual reception of Mars and Venus by term, but at the same time Venus has the most influencial triplicity since this is a day-chart. Would this fact not bring in more weight than the third triplicity of Mars? I understand that this article is intended to be an introduction only. First, Saturn in Aries in the first, and the Sun — it is important that Sun has dignity by triplicity over Saturn.

More important, Saturn and Sun have strong mutual reception — Sun receives Saturn into exaltation and triplicity, Saturn receives Sun in rulership — so you can argue for strong mutual influence and cooperation between these planets. I do not think that detracts from the importance of Saturn him or her self having dignity by triplicity in Aries. Without that, Saturn would be peregrine along with being in fall, which is a much weaker condition. And, regarding Mars in Virgo — you correctly point out that Venus has triplicity over Mars along with the mutual reception by term, and this does increase the influence of Venus on Mars.

With its relation to sect, I view triplicity as a team oriented kind of dignity, so I usually see the three triplicity rulers of a given planet as tending to work better together because of that shared dignity, rather than their competing or over-riding each other by their triplicity ranking.

What are Essential Debilities?

Thank you for responding. It took a while to fully comprehend this but you have widened my approach towards the three triplicity rulers and I grasp your point. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Skip to content. This is the chart of Clara Barton. You make it seem so easy!

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And it fails miserably. Not due to weakness, but do to unsuitability. I first heard of this way of looking at peregrine planets from Rob Hand in a lecture at ISAR , and I have been describing them that way ever since. Using dignities can help us find the pivotal planets in a chart in several ways.

They are basic building blocks that work with other techniques to give a fuller, deeper and more meaningful chart interpretation. I find that a highly dignified planet in a chart is very important in many areas of chart delineation. Many astrology programs will calculate Lilly points.

Another way we can use dignities and rulers to get to the bottom of chart is by dispositor relationships. The use of dispositors ties the chart together and leads us to the base from which the native acts. You can use dispositors easily just by following the chain of rulerships through the chart until you reach a dead end, which I refer to as the chart root.

A final dispositor occurs when there is only one planet in its own domicile and there are no mutual or multiple receptions by domicile. A final dispositor is the clearest cut of the chart roots.

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All other planets, angles and house cups will eventually make their way back to the final dispositor. If we were to think of the chart roots as the government of the chart, the final dispositor is dictatorial. Multiple dispositors occur when there are two or more planets in signs that they rule by domicile. Depending on the number of planets in their own signs, the governmental style would be a partnership, triumvirate, quadripartite, or any higher multiple thereof. Since different planets, houses and angles would dispose to the different planets in their own signs, there is no one dictator the chart turns to when it needs something done.

Take, for example, a chart that has Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The native would act on some things from a Saturn basis and others from a Jupiter basis. This means the chart winds down to a seesaw contest between the two planets in mutual reception. The governmental style here is one of two branches of government with equal powers over all areas that bicker back and forth about the best action to take. Mixed dispositors happen when you have both a planet in its own sign and two or more planets in a reception relationship.

To show these different types of rulership patterns, I draw lines on the paper copy of the chart from point to point, showing the relationships between planets, angles and intermediate house cusps. I refer to the resulting diagram as The Web of Rulerships.

Star School Lesson 14: Planetary Dignities and Debilities

His whole being is colored by this placement. Here we see someone who communicates an idealistic message to the outside world, but who sometimes has difficulty getting his message across. Mars has no applying aspects, but separates from an opposition to Saturn and a Sextile to the Ascendant. Here is someone who rides a seesaw between the Venusian pursuits such as film and Martial pursuits like sports.

Which does he enjoy more? It depends on when you ask the question. Multiple dispositors, such as those in my own chart, allow one to see where different houses and planets get their basic energy.

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For example, the sign on my 3 rd House cusp is Aries, ruled by Mars in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn in Capricorn, its domicile. Mercury is placed in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, which is placed in its own sign Sagittarius. So we have two points in the chart, both of which deal with the intellect and communication. In my estimation, planets are the verbs action words in the chart and the houses the nouns people, places and things there is a clear difference. The can be used extensively in all areas of astrology including natal, horary, electional, vocational, mundane and event analysis.

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